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I am a creative designer from the UK based in New Zealand specialising in graphic design, illustration and printmaking. I work on personal projects to create a variety of merchandise that I have sold at craft and illustration fairs around the UK. I am influenced by a variety of pop culture, art and music.

I have produced graphic design and illustration work for Buckinghamshire College Group, Isambard's Cycles, Banquet Records, Bournemouth University, The Attika State and Pacer to name a few.

If you like my work and would like to learn more about how we could work together, then please drop me an email with a brief description of your project to get a quote:

I can also be contacted through any of my social media pages.


COLLABORATION: Show me what you got! Click here to download a PDF of half of one of my designs. Create the other half and share it on social media and tag me in it so I can see how brilliant you are!

COLOURING BOOK: Click here to download a printable colouring book of a variety of my designs. Ideal for keeping kids busy or for anyone who loves colouring in!